SPANISH M1 / Blocks of words /SPA-ENG

The dictionary is specially designed to prepare for the vocabulary part of the multilingual certificate Multispeaker, basic level M1.

Thematic vocabulary trainer is developed according to the “block technique”. This means that all topics are divided into logical and practical blocks of words. They are very easy to memorize.

11 topics, 3000 words.
Eating, Travel, Education, Technology, Person, Interests, Clothes, House, Nature, Numbers & Calendar, Object

Ideal for both self-study and classroom work, small and large groups.
The dictionary “Blocks of words” helps to systematize vocabulary. Ideal for polyglots.

author: Yevhen Zheltukhin
year: 2022
number of pages: 172 pages
cover: soft & hard
format: A5


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certificate for polyglots