1. You have 25 instructions.
2. Choose 1 random instruction and tell it.
– minimum 10 sentences
– t
ime: 4min / mistakes: 6

How to reserve a table?

How to order at a cafe?

How to do shopping?

How to organize a trip?

How to withdraw money from an ATM?

How to exchange money?

How to book a room at a hotel?

How to buy a ticket online?

How to go on excursions?

How to find good courses?

How to memorize words?

How to use an application? Pick any application.

How to use a device? Pick any device.

How to go on a date?

How to take care of your health?

How to be successful on a job interview?

How to start your business?

How to play a game? Pick any game.

How to do something that you can? Pick any of your skill.

How to buy clothes at a shop?

How to buy or rent a flat/house?

How to cook a dish? Pick any dish.

How to keep your house clean?

How to take care of a pet?

How to go camping?