1. You have 16 dialogues.
2. Choose 1 random dialogue and play it out.
– minimum 20 sentences
– t
ime: 6min / mistakes: 6

1 Reserve a table.
Call to a restaurant (cafe) and reserve a table.
Variations: romantic evening, birthday, business meeting, etc.

2 Order at a cafe.
You’re at a cafe. Talk to a waiter and make an order.

3 Prepare for shopping.
Together with your friend or husband (wife) you are getting ready for shopping in a supermarket. Discuss your shopping list.

4 Organize a trip
Discuss with your friend or travel agency your future trip.

5 Book a room at a hotel
You are at a reception. Talk with a receptionist and book a room.

6 Buy a ticket at a ticket office
You are at a ticket office. Talk with a cashier and buy some tickets.

7 Go on an excursion
You want to go on an excursion. Pick the best route. Discuss details with your friend or a tourguide.

8 Find good courses
You need to learn something. Talk with an administrator of some courses. Discuss all details. Place, price, number of students, books, etc.

9 Buy some device
You need to learn something. Talk with an administrator of some courses. Discuss all details.

10 First date / meeting
You are at a blind date. You just met a person for the first time. Have a wonderful conversation with your date. Ask as many information as you need.

11 Organize an event with your friend
You are going to have an event. Meeting, birthday, party or anything else. Discuss all details of this event.

12 Doctor’s appointment
You have some trouble with your health and you came to a doctor’s office. Explain the doctor your situation and get all needed information to solve it.

13 Job interview.
You are on a job interview at some company. Have an conversation with your future empolyer or employee.

14 Talk with a seller.
You are at shop. You want to buyt some clothes for you or for somebody else. Ask a shop-assistant to help you out and choose the clothes together with him/her.

15 Buy or rent an apartment.
Talk with a landlord or friend or wife about your future apartment. Discuss all the features you are interested in.

16 Repair your apartment.
You want to repair your apartment. Talk to a repair company and discuss everything.